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The consulting company for the Registrations of Agricultural Chemicals in Latin America

At LARS we understand the challenge of registering new agrochemical products in Latin America. Regulatory affairs are quiet complex and can be very daunting when you don’t know the ground. The average registration can take from 2 to 5 years to complete and you need a strong ally to rely upon. For the past 25 years we’ve been working with Government Agencies and Ministries helping businesses commercialize their agrochemical products in Latin America territories. That’s why we provide the knowledge and expertise needed to manage an established portfolio, obtain or renew registrations and to complete efficacy trials or toxicology studies.

Registration Services

New Registrations

Get your products to Latin American markets without delay. We will plan, prepare and submit to the different Government Agencies or Ministries your new registration dossier for a successful registration.

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Make your registration renewal as fast and expedite as possible. With a wide network of collaborators in all Latin America, we know the terrain and can advise you with country-based strategies that will work best for you.

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Portafolio Managment

Stay in control with all your registrations affairs in one place. We understand the challenge, it requires a consistent and vigilant effort to remain compliant with all your established registrations. 

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Corporate vision, tactical knowledge

25 years of experience throughout Latin America and the successful completion of hundreds of registrations are our credentials.

Our team has the tactical know-how of every territory giving you a real advantage. Our team values and expertise were shaped by Agrochemical Multinationals all around Latin America and the US. You can expect from us absolute diligence, transparency and reliance.

Latin America Focused Expertise

Our experienced team members are well known in the Agrochemical sector of each  Latin American country.We are proud to have excellent and personal relationships with local regulators and Government officials. All of these relationships that are already in place, will work for you as a customer of LARS.

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