Your strategic & tactical ally for registering agrochemicals in Latin America

After 25 years consulting for agrochemical companies and multinationals in Latin America, we have become real allies for our clients and partners. Covering strategic plans for introducing your product in new markets. As well as the tactical actions required to accomplish it, such as preparing and filing submissions, dossier completion, filing renewals and keeping your paperwork registration complaint.

If your company has several ongoing registrations affairs, check our Portfolio management section for more info.

Registration for New & Old molecules

Our experience with Latin American markets have helped us create a powerful network of affiliates and professionals on-site. Trained by us, our partners carry the same work values as we do. This gives us the flexibility and confidence to offer you a wider range of services to help you succeed in your registration affairs.

  • GLP laboratories

  • Toxicology trials

  • Ecotoxicology trials

  • Efficacy trials

Label and Pamphlet modifications

Keep all your labels and pamphlets updated and compliant.

Monthly reports

Stay informed throughout the registration process with monthly reports.

Data protected

Proprietary information is managed with the highest level of security.