All your registrations in one place

Portfolio Management is peace of mind for your business

The laws and regulations for registrations of Agrochemical products in Latin America are very dynamic. New regulations, modifications of norms, as well as labels and Pamphlets updates occur very often in these regions. This requires a consistent and vigilant effort to remain compliant with all established registrations. Failing to stay updated is not coincidentally one the main reasons cancelations and registration losses happen.

We are committed to your long-term interests

LARS offers the registration portfolio management, for companies that have a large number of registrations already in place. Helping them stay updated and compliant with new regulations and norms. This includes: registration maintenance, new regulations compliance, dossier completion and Labels and pamphlets review and modification.

We are your tactical ally abroad. Our services within the portfolio management include legal representation before Government and non government entities like Ministry of Agriculture, Agronomists Association or any other entities required by law. As well strategic consulting and support for all your projects.